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Welcome to The Small Biz Review!

Just like our friends up there, we’re always on the lookout to give you the best reviews on New Small Business in your area. Visit us here often and see what business in your area is growing fast or even which business has an awesome discount just for you, ” The Small Biz Review” Blog Follower. 🙂

Are you a Foodie looking for a new restaurant or new local bakery? Looking for a photography studio? Or maybe your needing an Event Planner, either way you’ll be able to stay on the look out right here for in-depth interviews and reviews of these new small businesses headed to the top.

Do you live in San Francisco, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or in New York City, we promise to give you a honest, down-to-earth review on the services or products wherever you may be.

We believe this will give the small business owner the opportunity to get their name in front of a different demographic, and give you the consumer, the opportunity to see how you can help “Build Your City 1 Small Biz At A Time”.

Remember if you have a small business, under 100 employees, you can be featured in our “Small Biz Review”.

Please keep in mind in order to give a fair and honest review we would need to experience your expertise. Simply send a small sample of your product or a unique experience with your service and get ready to be in the spotlight!  If you have a service that is outside of the DFW area please let us know as were able to make accommodations.   Once selected, we will post your information on our Blog. When your review is posted, you’ll receive an emailed link to share with your family, friends, as well as your potential clients. Just another great way to advertise! 🙂

Just fill out the form located on our How To Be A Featured Biz page and we’ll contact you shortly.  Please have a photograph of your product or service handy as we’ll need this to post online.  If your located in the DFW and need a photo, send an email with “The Small Biz Review Pic” in the subject line, to get your submission picture taken for free. Sorry only one edited picture per submission. 😉

NOTE: Being a Featured Biz on our Blog is for free but for advertisement placement there is a fee. For more information on that, email us at SmallBizReview@gmail.com.

Much Continued Success!

The Small Biz Review Team



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