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Meet Babs Eyes Photography

Babs Eyes Photography

I had the privileged of meeting Ms. Beth Brown from Babs Eyes Photography over the telephone.  A sweet soft spoken, fun loving, adventure seeker, has maybe one of the most diverse and unique style of photography I’ve seen.  Living in New York, she captures a different point of view that makes you stop and stare.  With a flare of simplicity and a knack of captivating you in her photos, she’s a force to be reckon with.  See for yourself.

“I loved working with Beth Brown, she was competent, patient, accommodating, and very professional.  She put a lot of care into considering what kind of shots brought out the better sides of me, and I was VERY happy with my pictures.  I definitely recommend her, and already have!”

Gary L. Brooklyn, NY – Actor

Mini - Q & A Session

SBR – When did you start taking pictures?

BabsEyes – “I started taking pictures around when I was 8 years old.  My Great Aunt gave me my first point and shoot camera.  I was so excited taking pictures of everything.  It didn’t even matter if I had film or not.”

SBR – Awh! How funny! What inspires you when taking photographs?

BabsEyes – “While taking walks, I’ll take pictures of people, landscaping, street art, anything that’s unique or obscure.”

SBR – I can certainly see that in your photography.  I love how your able to show a different side of things.  If you could turn back the hands of time and tell your younger self what to change differently, what would it be? (Okay, ok, I know I’m not interviewing her for employment, but I had the feeling she was going to give a very cool answer, so just bear with me okay?) 🙂

BabsEyes – “I’m happy! I wouldn’t do anything differently.  I would tell my younger self to learn from it and move forward!”

SBR – (See…I told you) That’s very awesome! I’m sure a lot of people wish they could feel the same way.  I can tell that you enjoy living life and have no regrets!

“Ms. Brown did a great job on my pic!  She made me feel comfortable [and] took her time.  And the pics were hot!  Family and friend are ready to take pics! She’s the best!”

Charles S.


The pricing depends on what the client is looking for and what type of labor is involved.

“What I enjoy most is her efficiency. When it’s time to shoot, she gets quality work done without all of the bougie red tape, and unnecessary accoutrements. We make a call and/or send an e-mail, map out a location, show up, and shoot. Furthermore, I can expect the product within 24 hours, if it even takes that long. I’ve asked Beth to shoot my events. I’m bringing her on board for both the behind the scenes shots and the eventual poster shot of a film that I’m executive producing, and she is responsible for the image that accompanies my magazine column…Beth gets my vote hands down!”

Kel S.

(Here is an example of Babs Eyes Photography from the AEON’s Men’s Magazine.  Inside Column picture.

Thanks Kel!)


http://www.BabsEyes.com / BabsEyes@gmail.com

Thank you to all of the clients who sent in their testimony.  I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  Beth is lucky to have clients like you!

Remember if you would like to be featured on the Small Biz Review visit here.

Until then much continued success!

Small Biz Review Team

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