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Why We Do What We Do & Why You Should Too ;)

Because We Consider It A Blessing that we can keep you abreast of what small businesses are headed to the top; and how most of them are located right in your city! You’ll be amazed on how easy it is to pass up a chance to experience someone who is truly gifted in their craft … Continue reading

Meet Babs Eyes Photography

Babs Eyes Photography I had the privileged of meeting Ms. Beth Brown from Babs Eyes Photography over the telephone.  A sweet soft spoken, fun loving, adventure seeker, has maybe one of the most diverse and unique style of photography I’ve seen.  Living in New York, she captures a different point of view that makes you … Continue reading

Our Next Featured Small Biz Review – Babs Eyes Photography

Yeah I know it seems like I always start out by saying, “I can’t wait for this interview”, but this interview right here…You won’t want to miss it. 🙂 Coming September 4th!

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