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Our Featured Small Biz Review on “Sassy Mae’s Vintage Collectibles”

Stay tuned! Were going to be introducing a New Small Biz called, Sassy Mae’s Vintage Collectibles.

Owner F.M. Moore has an eye for rare vintage jewelery that will turn the most serendipitous collector’s head at a garage sale!  Plus many more hidden gems.

More pictures and a brief interview coming soon!

Sassy Mae’s Vintage Collection

With so many beautiful things in front of me it was hard to pick my favorite item, not to mention it was a bit of a challenge to focus on the interview too. So many shiny things. 🙂 Needless to say, F.M. Moore aka “Granny” made it super easy to just unwind, loosen up, and be myself. Without hesitation she starts off, “Collecting for Sassy Mae’s Vintage Collections started years ago”, says F.M. Moore. I like that. Straight to the point!

Let’s go!

The collection ranges from beautiful pendants, screw-on, clip-on, and pierced earrings, a make up bag, and even a few porcelain dolls. Together there was over 40 years of history that I was looking at. What an awesome feeling to have a collection of items ranging from the 1940s – 1980s right in your hands. The stories they would tell. When asked what inspired her to start collecting, Granny recalls seeing her mother dress up in the morning as a little girl. “She was a knock out dresser! Everywhere she went, she was very stylish with her clothes, shoes, and classic jewelry.”

“God has blessed me with them so why not bless others too. When I die I can’t take them with me.”

It wasn’t until years later when Granny started college at Prairie View when she began her collection. Her mother never allowed her to wear pierced earrings so she paid her roommate 25 cents to pierce her ears with a needle and thread. Whew! I’m so thankful we have piercing guns now. It was 1965 which Granny jokingly refers to her, “Diana Ross” stage. With big hair, and groovy clothes, her love for jewelry began.

Very Affordable

The prices are surprisingly affordable. When asked why are her prices so low she states that, “God has blessed me with them so why not bless others too, when I die I can’t take them with me.”

Prices range from $5.00 – $35.00. If interested in purchasing any of Sassy Mae’s Vintage Collections you will need to contact her. Sassy Mae’s is ran out of a corner office in Granny’s home, so you won’t be able to drop by and purchase anything. However if you call you just might be invited over for some laughs, sweet tea, good ole’ southern hospitality, and a hidden treasure, lovingly called Granny.


(817) 754-0271 Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm. Just ask for Sassy Mae and someone will be able to assist you.

Here’s a quick gallery view of some of the cool gems I found…

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Until then much continued success!

Small Biz Review Team

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